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Summary of the solution of diamond rope saw wear
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The eccentric wear of diamond wire saw in the construction process, because no bead along the circumference wear, and wear beads only one side of the side wear even lead to bead grinding to the wire rope, but the other side is working rather thick, resulting in diamond wire saw greatly shortened life expectancy, early retirement.
According to the experience of the domestic market: for the use of wire saw, plastic and special-shaped wire saw, turns to 1.5-2 / m by 61 ring wire rope structure; and mining by wire saw, with 133 pieces of wire rope structure, reversing the number of circles is 3-4 / m..
Before the use of diamond wire saw wire rope will be pre twisted 1.5-4 / m, and then docking. When working, the rope saw rotates around the axis, so as to drive the beads to be transported, thereby realizing uniform wear. Generally speaking, the soft steel wire rope, for example, the 133 structure, because of its torsion of the same cycle number of pre twisting force is smaller, so the number of torsion ring should be increased properly.
When used, the amount of large knife, the number of torsion ring should also increase, the use of the latter part, due to the increase in the number of steel wire rope fatigue torsion ring.
Causes of eccentric wear of diamond wire saw
1 before use, there is no torsion or torsion ring number is not enough;
2 the amount of the knife is too large, the pressure of the bead on the cutting object is too large, resulting in excessive friction between the bead and the cutting object, thus hindering the rotation of the string around the wire rope.
Diamond wire saw
1 the use of norms, in accordance with the requirements, and the use of different circumstances, before the rope saw the rope will be pre sawed;
2 during the use of regular inspection rope saw, once found partial grinding, cutting, increase the number of torsion, according to the partial wear, increase the amount can be 20%-100%;
3 reduce the amount of cutting.