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Cause analysis of broken rope in diamond wire saw
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The other part of the steel wire rope outside the diamond wire saw joint is broken. In the use of diamond wire saw in the process of construction may be broken rope, this situation we can be avoided, or early treatment.
Laizhou City, Xia Qiu Li Zhenhao diamond tools factory after years of experience summed up some reasons of the broken rope rope saw there:
The life span of the wire rope is restricted by the life of the rope saw. According to the calculation of 14.85m special-shaped wire saw, from the beginning to use rope saw scrap, the use of the time to more than 600H, the line speed is 22m/s, is the premise of cycle rope under alternating load conditions, to cycle 3 * 106 times, will easily cause fatigue fracture of steel wire rope; and the joint without buckling. Will have some damage to the wire rope, wire rope in advance will lead to joint fracture. Therefore, we must choose the most excellent wire rope material.
In addition, the use of the following conditions will also lead to wire rope money break:
As a result of the machine reason, causes the rope saw to operate not to be stable, the jitter is frequent, will be able to cause the middle rope and the joint frequently to break easily;
Second, due to the reasons for the production, beads fixed not solid, the emergence of beads rotation or channeling. The wire rope will be broken in a short time after the rotation of the bead, and the wire rope will be exposed to lose the protection after the movement, and the wire rope will break ahead of time.
The joint crimping tight, will increase the wire rope damage, resulting in the joint of steel wire rope breakage.
The one-sided pursuit of cutting efficiency, forced by the knife, leading to the operation of the wire saw radian is too large, too much tension, and thus lead to the fracture of the wire rope;
After a certain period of time, the part of the cooling water and the chip can be injected into the plastic and the steel wire rope. If the parking time is too long, it will lead to rusty wire rope brittle, steel wire rope in the middle of the early fracture;
The use of wire rope of diamond wire saw beads on if there is loose phenomenon, should be avoided with a crack, safety work. In the construction of the diamond wire saw before the inspection, if found unqualified should be promptly repaired.