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Diamond rope
We produce high quality diamond wire saws of different sizes, which can be used for mining, cutting, slotting, cutting, etc..
The mining of rope saw in mine can reduce the waste of mine resources, clean, noiseless, safe and reliable, and can be used to produce rules. The rubber rope saw can protect the steel wire and increase the power of the rope. The mining of calcium stone, commonly used injection molding rope saws.
Product characteristics and advantages:
1) can be a large area of cutting, and regular blocks;
2) high rate of stone mining, less waste of mineral resources;
3) high production efficiency;
4) safe and reliable operation, no noise, dust, mining environmental protection;
5 (low cost).
6) export to Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Australia and other overseas markets.
Matters needing attention:
1, regularly check the rope saw rotation, and timely adjustment
2, regularly check the wear of beads, avoid partial wear, once appear partial wear must take timely measures.
3, regularly check the joints and the ends of the bead bead wear and replace the joint.
4, steel rope tension is generally 250-300kg (phi 4-5mm wire rope)
5, wire saw cutting line speed according to different kinds of stone to adjust:
1-2 granite: 25-30 M / S
3-4 granite: 22-26 M / S
5 granite: 20-24 M / S
Marble: 30-45 M / S
Abrasive rock: 30-35 M / S
6, the beginning of the new rope cutting stage, the line speed should be less than the above mentioned 2-3 M / s, in order to facilitate the beaded edge.
Water is generally in 12-25L/min.

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