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How to mine the diamond rope
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Mining is a major project, not just a few people and several tools can be resolved, it needs only diamond wire, can achieve the purpose, but how to diamond mining, since some people thought it was a mystery, in fact, the diamond rope mining is divided into drilling, threading the hole, four steps to install the equipment and water supply, the following is the introduction:
First of all, drilling, drilling is a key preparatory work, if the hole is not good, directly affect the wear of diamond string, the impact of the rope life and cutting efficiency, so this process is particularly important drilling. To cut a big block, must play three holes, a vertical hole and two horizontal hole.
Second, through the rope drilling, at present, most of us use the manual rope method, one end of the rope is fixed with a plurality of strands of flexible wire, which is penetrated through a hole, and leads out of the other hole with a wire.
Then install the equipment, after the diamond wire perforation is the installation of equipment, the equipment is heavy, plus a cutting plane, the need to adjust the equipment, which in its side must be equipped with a lifting equipment, ready lifting installation.
Finally, water supply, water supply is a very important step, because of cutting stone, because the rope line speed, and the friction between the stone is large, if no water or water is not enough to produce a lot of heat between the rope and the stone, will not only make the spring and the deformation of the wire rope, and may even make the spring melting and bonding together, loss of elasticity, so will reduce the service life of the wire. In order to ensure the quality and life of the rope, water must be supplied.
These four steps are very important for the development of diamond rope mining, we must keep in mind these four steps, so that we can be more convenient mining, but also want to high efficiency, save time. Finally, in a reminder of the small, water links can not be less, I hope you keep in mind!

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