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  • In the process of using the diamond wire saw, the fixing material can not be firmly fixed on the beads, so that the beads can rotate around the steel wire rope and move along the wire rope, so that th
  • The eccentric wear of diamond wire saw in the construction process, because no bead along the circumference wear, and wear beads only one side of the side wear even lead to bead grinding to the wire r
  • The other part of the steel wire rope outside the diamond wire saw joint is broken. In the use of diamond wire saw in the process of construction may be broken rope, this situation we can be avoided,
  • The diamond wire saw is the use of the principle of the Little strokes fell great oaks. a kind of hard brittle material for cutting a saw. Diamond wire saw for the construction of the scope of the app
  • Diamond wire saw cutting efficiency is high, the pollution is small and the construction workers like, of course, diamond wire saw cutting also like other concrete cutting process has its own problems
  • Diamond wire saw cutting is a kind of concrete cutting process, in the construction of compliance with the safe operation of the basic can be figured out. Construction personnel in compliance with the
  • In the upper part of a plurality of steel wire ropes, a certain amount of diamond bead particles are separated according to the proportion, and the adjacent beads are separated by a separating sleeve
  • Before the use of diamond wire saw, a closed loop. The operation method and steps are as follows: 1, the length of the two exposed wire rope = joint length. 2, the two ends of the wire rope into the s