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What are the safe operation rules of diamond wire saw cutting technology
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Diamond wire saw cutting is a kind of concrete cutting process, in the construction of compliance with the safe operation of the basic can be figured out. Construction personnel in compliance with the norms do not forget the details of the specification, the smaller the more content should be kept in mind. What are the details of the safety operation specification for wire saw cutting process?
1 each process must strictly implement the post responsibility system, the post personnel shall not be allowed to other posts for construction.
2 site construction personnel must wear a helmet, otherwise not allowed to enter the site, high-altitude workers must fasten the seat belt, or immediately stop working.
3 thunderstorms, fog, typhoons and other inclement weather to stop outdoor operations.
4 construction personnel must use skilled personnel, before the start of training, strictly abide by the duties, maintenance personnel to strengthen the mechanical maintenance, ensure the equipment in good condition, no mechanical equipment malfunction.
5 engineering vehicle drivers, according to the provisions of the route slag, drunk driving is strictly prohibited, especially at night is strictly prohibited fatigue driving, check the condition at any time, to ensure safe driving.
6 site excavation, loading, transport operations to closely cooperate to avoid the occurrence of delayed work phenomenon.
7 night cleaning, responsible for on-site command and slag removing operation to properly arrange the night collection vehicles and loading, to ensure a tight fit of the work process.
Through the above safety measures, to ensure that in this project to prevent casualties, serious injury accidents, major mechanical accidents, to ensure the safety and smooth completion of the task on schedule.

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