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With the increased use of diamond wire saw and the application of the continuous expansion of diamond wire saw production technology is constantly improving, in order to adapt to the rapid development of domestic and international market situation, catch up with the international advanced level, some domestic companies in recent years the introduction of new equipment, new technology application in the research and production of expanding the scale at the same time, the quality of the products, the production efficiency is greatly improved, and the production cost is on the decline.
At present, domestic manufacturers generally use wire saw not the granulation powder manual cold pressing bead production, low production efficiency, product quality is easily affected by human factors, and the work environment of dust, is not conducive to human health.
In view of the disadvantages of using the non - granulating powder to cold press, a domestic company firstly applies the powder granulation technology and equipment to the production practice. Granulation powder is added to the container by the agitator and the cutting knife rotating in high speed and spray powder solvent to form granules, 20min can complete the granulation of 10kg powder granulation powder, drying, screening, made of 30 ~ 80 mesh spherical particles, forming at a rate above 85%. The powder is manufactured by the method, better liquidity, diamond coating and granulation powder after mixing, distribution of diamond on the lip face at work is more uniform; diamond surface after coating powder is wrapped in the pressing process to avoid direct contact with the surface of the mould, reduce die wear.
The powder granulation technology and diamond coating technology, automatic cold press some of the country's introduction of foreign production of wire production, the equipment is based on volume method (the powder amount) from loading to the matrix and the matrix with cold pressing, high degree of automation, labor saving, thereby greatly improving the production the efficiency, reduce the production cost.

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