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The common problems of diamond wire saw cutting!
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Diamond wire saw cutting efficiency is high, the pollution is small and the construction workers like, of course, diamond wire saw cutting also like other concrete cutting process has its own problems. Here summed up a few diamond wire saw cutting common problem analysis, long-term construction workers in the field may wish to read carefully,
1 diamond wire saw cutting direction
Each clip on the diamond wire saw has a clear arrow mark, and can be identified by the diamond wire saw. The length of the bead matrix is the tail, and the short section is the cutting direction of the spring diamond wire saw. In use, it is necessary to correctly distinguish the use of diamond wire saw. According to the direction of the arrow, can not be cut in the opposite direction, to avoid the beads before and after the end of the taper, to ensure the correct use of diamond wire saw.
2 Diamond connection
The diamond wire saw must be connected to a closed loop before use. The operation method and steps are as follows:
Length of wire rope;
The two ends of the bare wire rope are inserted into the steel joint, and the joint and the adjacent beads are free of gaps.
Using the special hydraulic clamp for diamond wire saw. Withhold, the first joint in the middle of the hydraulic clamp in the buckle rotates every 90 degrees withheld once; and both ends of the joint is arranged on the hydraulic clamp are withheld; finally, the joint central once again placed in the hydraulic press;
Check the joint crimping, use corner grinder will flash and burr removal.